The chestnuts of the common are found in the Sierra de las Villuercas, Southeast ofthe province of Cáceres, in Guadeloupe. These mountains form a mountain systemof unique landscapes, also constitute the best representation of the Appalachian relief around the world. Attached to this original relief has developed a rich biodiversityof flora and fauna, as well as an important cultural heritage.
Without a doubt, the chestnut is one of the most emblematic species of the regionof Villuercas. Its presence in these territories is from time immemorial as indicates it the presence of unique chestnut with more than 600 years old, as the of la chorrera of pumpkins in Castañar de Ibor or the chestnut “Abuelo” in Guadeloupe.
The beautiful chestnut trees in the surroundings of Guadalupe we owe mainly to Jeronimos that the cultivation of this species for a multiple use; wood for constructionof the structures of the buildings and the homes of la Puebla, fiber to make basketsused in the collection of agricultural products, apart from the use of nuts to food and fattening of animals.

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