Explotación de la Castaña
Specifically our chestnuts are grown in the headwaters of the river Ibor, among the 800-1,000 meters above sea level, on north facing slopes. Exploitation of chestnut


Soils are of slate nature, primarily although there are some soils from quartzite. In terms of climatology chestnut enjoys a climate suitable for its development. The average precipitation tend to exceed the 1,000 mm, temperatures are cold in winter and in summer are cool due to the microclimate influence that has on the environment, the orography.
Explotación de la Castaña
Our exploitation of the chestnuts are located at various points on the farm and occupy an area of over 300 hectares, currently annual production around 450,000 pounds, all of the variety VERATA. Possibly this variety was introduced and cultivated bylos Jerónimos, given that this religious order had important farms and livestock, and developed a type of agriculture very advanced for its time: introduction of new species and varieties, agricultural, technical infrastructure for the conservation offood, etc.


This variety is perfectly adapted to the conditions edofoclimaticas in the area and isable to get the best taste of the terroir.
Explotación de la Castaña
The verata comes in varieties of chestnut longal group, is characterized by a varietyof latematuring in November, in fact is one of the later varieties of the Iberian peninsula. Its size is a good caliber of 80 fruits per Kg, blonde and bright coloration. It is a variety of Brown type that does not have septations and easy peeling, characteristics that make it ideal for use in fresh and to develop best marrons glace.


In terms of its organoleptic properties noted for their sweetness since they have a high percentage of carbohydrates compared to other varieties. Thanks to its morphological and organoleptic properties is considered to be one of the best varieties ofchestnut with a great potential to develop a myriad of products such as flours, pastas, marrons glace, alcoholic beverages, etc.

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